Stay in Montreal Canada Hotels to Imbibe the Live and Historic Culture of the City

Montreal is heart of the French Canada. Its flair and sophistication is something that is missing in most of the mega cities in Canada and even in North America. It is second largest city in the Canada is home to many tourist attractions. Its cultural and historic landmarks are source of attraction to tourists. Even some hotels in Montreal Canada have heritage status. It will be worth while to pay a visit to these hotels even if you do not stay in them.

Downtown Montreal is an example of live history. Old Montreal part of the city has been preserved in its historic flavor. Oldest buildings here date back to beginning of the seventeenth century. This area is quite vibrant and hotels and shopping centers in the area offer great tourist attraction to its visitors.

Hotels in Montreal Canada

Area wise hotels in Montreal may be divided into following major regions:

o Cote des Neiges District

o Dorval

o Downtown Area

o Golden Square mile

o Latin Quarter

o Laval

o Longueuil

o Old Montreal

o Olympic Stadium

o Others

Old Montreal is known for its boutique hotels. Some of the popular hotels in the old Montreal are Auberge du Vieux – Port, Hotel place d’armes and hotel St. Paul. Of these first one occupies a heritage building and offer excellent riverfront view from its roof top terrace.

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Things to do in Montreal

First and major attraction of Montreal is old Montreal. Besides enjoying the culture and history of this place city has lot to offer to it visitors. You may do any of the followings:

Visit to Mont Royal

Mount Royal has never ending fascination for tourists as well as the dwellers of the city of the Montreal. A trek or hike to the mountain is popular among the tourists.

Shopping at Saint-Denis Street

If you like to shop in the historic city visit the shopping district of St. Denis St. and St. Laurent Boulevard. Vibe of the area is eclectic and restaurant, boutiques and shops are treasure trove to any shopping fan.

Point-a-Calliere Museum

This archeological museum provides a visual treat to the history of the Montreal.

Guided tour at the museum is worth taking, one should not miss it. It is free with admission. What is special about the museum is that it conserves in situ remains and it has a river view restaurant in the building.

Montreal Bio dome

Home to four different ecosystems this zoo is must visit for students and families besides eco friendly enthusiasts.

Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art

With more than 7000 works of art of more than 1500 artists it is one of the grand galleries in the Canada. The Gallery offers free admission and guided tours on Wednesday evenings.

All this is not an end to the activities one can get involved in the Montreal city. Thriving city life with rich culture and living history offers diverse activities and treats to its tourists. To enjoy all these activities one needs good accommodation. Hotels in Montreal Canada offer excellent value for money and services of last minute travel will prove invaluable in search of these hotels.

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Hot Destination Wedding Locations You Might Not Have Considered

When we think of destination wedding locations our minds often turn to white sandy beaches in tropical climates. That is understandable. Who doesn’t enjoy lazy days on the beach in the warmth of a tropical breeze? But if you have been there and done that, or just want something a little more memorable for your destination wedding where do you turn? Consider these five options for building nuptial memories that are as rich in culture as they are in luxury.

Crete: Enjoy the rich history of the Island of Crete with a destination wedding on this sparkling island in the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine your wedding ceremony at sunset with the deep blue waters of the sea behind you and a warm breeze fluttering by. Afterwards spend a week or more relaxing on the beaches of Crete and alternately touring the rich historical sights of this ancient Island.

Stockholm: There are few places as romantic and overlooked as Stockholm, Sweden. Built around one of Europe’s largest most beautifully maintained medieval city centers spread out over fourteen islands Stockholm and the surrounding picturesque countryside is the perfect spot for a memorable destination wedding getaway. Go in the spring and see the spectacular carpet of flowers dotting the countryside. Get married by the light of the midnight sun in June and July or time your destination wedding to coincide with the traditional and spectacularly beautiful celebration of Santa Lucia on December 13th.

Venice: Who can resist the seductive charm of the Italian city of romance? Famous for its gondola trips through canals that intersect throughout the city Venice is an adventurer’s paradise. With centuries old architecture all around the history and romance of the city seems to seep into your soul. Create a lavish memory by choosing to hold your destination wedding in a historic villa with breathtaking scenery all around you in the historic hub of travel between Europe and the east.

Salzburg: Nestled snugly into the snowcapped Alps, Salzburg is often overlooked as the romantic getaway that it is. So much the better for the rest of us who are in the know. Rich in history and stunning scenery, Salzburg is one place where time seems to slow down. Not only okay to stop and smell the roses in Salzburg, it is expected. As such, it is the perfect place for a destination wedding. Add the fact that Salzburg is the home of Mozart and the setting for “The Sound of Music,” and there is plenty to engage your senses while you explore your honeymoon with your new spouse.

Israel: Israel holds the promise of a wealth of opportunities for a couple seeking a destination wedding. For Christians and Jewish people alike, Israel is a land of great history and meaning. Imagine exchanging nuptials on a terrace overlooking the old city of Jerusalem as the setting sun causes the stone to burn copper. For some a ceremony by the Western Wall would fulfill a lifetime dream. Or perhaps a ceremony back dropped by the Sea of Galilee where Jesus performed so many of his miracles… Or maybe simply feeling the warm breezes blow off the Mediterranean Sea with palm trees swaying overhead and the pulse of thousands of years of human history behind you is the right setting for your destination wedding.