Make $100 Dollars a Day on Tips at Your Local Steakhouse

Anyone who has a job can make good money if they choose to. You might have to work overtime if you have an hourly job, or you might have to write lots and lots of articles if you are a freelance writer; but you can make good money. For instance, you can make $100 dollars a day on tips when you are a server at your local steakhouse.

It is always to your benefit to be nice, even when people may not deserve it. Sometimes you get rewarded and sometimes you do not. But most of the time when you work in a restaurant, people expect to give the server a tip when they leave. Some tips are built into the check and some are not, but if you do a good job you can at least expect a fifteen percent tip and when most meals are for two and usually at least forty dollars a meal, you can easily make $100 dollars a day on tips.

Just think, by asking the customer if they want ketchup with their steak, you may win their undying affection. These are the people who will help you make $100 dollars a day on tips. It is usually the harried parents or ordinary looking people who leave the best tips. They are usually working people who understand you need to make a living too. They usually try to tip well and will help you to make $100 dollars a day on tips. Of course you never can tell by looking, so it is always best to be nice to everyone.