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5 Tips When Eating at a Restaurant With Type 2 Diabetes

When you first get diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes eating at a restaurant can be an issue. Eating at a restaurant can be done successfully if you follow a few simple rules. Here are a few simple pointers to help you keep your blood sugar under control when eating at a restaurant.

1. if you know you’re going somewhere that is not healthy for you – eat a light meal or snack at home before you go. You may have a dinner event planned or some social function, and don’t want to be rude and pass on all the good food. If you eat a light meal or snack before going out it will help you eat less of the wrong foods. Even better, you’ll save some money – because you won’t be overdoing it.

2. Another good pointer is to make sure you avoid rolls, bread, and starchy food that will spike those blood sugars later. It’s easy to work around that. For example, if there is a type of dip you like – see if you can get it without crackers or chips and instead with cut vegetables. Any restaurant can do that for you. If they are offering it in a salad, they can cut it for you to munch on. Also, avoid the potato that will probably be available.

3. It’s always a safe choice to choose a protein and a vegetable combination. This combination is always a better fit for most people with Type 2 Diabetes and very tasty too. You can have a grilled filet with steamed broccoli or a salad, the possibilities are endless. You will feel better and enjoy any evening out without having to worry about what is going in your mouth.

4. One of the easiest things to do, when you’re eating out is to avoid soda, alcoholic beverages, or caffeine. Instead choose options like a lemon or lime wedge in your water, hot or iced herbal tea, or even just bring your tea bag and ask for hot water. Most restaurants don’t mind.

5. Finally, it’s important with Type 2 Diabetes to educate your friends and family about your condition. This will help everyone feel more comfortable and avoid touchy situations. I’ve not meet too many people that wouldn’t be supportive of friends or family members with Type 2 Diabetes.

There are some good starter tips here, but it’s important for you to find a qualified professional that will give you more than the standard information that is available for people with diabetes today. You need to find a health professional with detailed training in the area of functional endocrinology or functional medicine. This type of detailed work will help you not only learn how to make the right choices at a restaurant, but also will help you get to the source of your diabetes.

Critical Tips on Setting Up a Restaurant Bar Successfully – Beginner Or Experienced Restaurant Owner

Are you thinking about setting up a restaurant bar? There is a long list of issues that you have to take into consideration. Right from the size of the restaurant bar, to theme, liquor license etc. these are some of the issues that can affect the success of setting it up successfully. There are some bars that have a full or a limited bar menu. Then other restaurants follow a “happy hour” methodology to get the most for their business. If you want to open a successful full service restaurant & bar then you will have to take the following things into consideration.

It is not very difficult kind of a project and can be accomplished easily. The average time can range anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, it depends on the bar specification’s that you have.

Before beginning on deciding anything or even setting up a restaurant bar, you must read your liquor license agreement. There are licenses that permit a restaurant to hold all kind of liquor inn their bar but some licenses only permit particular type of liquor. If you are serving all kinds of liquor then you will have to map the area accordingly.

Before you start constructing or break down a building, take exact measurements of the floor area that you will need to set up a restaurant. Take the help of an architect and an interior designer for this purpose.

You will be constructing both bar and restaurant, you need to see whether you want to keep both the areas separate or not. You would also want to find the best place to set up a bar. Remember that a bar has dual functionality. This is the area for the second waiting staff. For the staff, a bar in the center of the dining room is an excellent choice. This is also best during a rush at dinner time. But, you could opt for a more personal and intimate setting and make a lounge like area while setting up a restaurant bar. This will prevent the hustle and bustle of the normal day life and will also allow the customers to de-stress.

Your bar must always be well stocked with enough liquor, good and appropriate glasses and other equipments. The other equipments like ice bins, glass racks, fridges, coasters, bar stools and dispensers. All these equipments must match the theme and decor of your restaurant. If you have the right decor when setting up a restaurant bar then you will set a proper mood for your guests.

The lighting of your restaurant must also match the theme and decor. For example if you are setting up a restaurant bar around the lounge theme. Then a low setting of lights is recommended. If you have too bright light then it will be too harsh on your customers. The light should be appropriate and one should be able to read the menu card properly.

These were some suggestions to help you set up your restaurant bar successfully!