The One Year Anniversary of an Internet Adventure

This is the story of an individual’s struggle in life during a poor economy. While RJ is in the midst of a new career the world changes and leaves RJ with no job, no prospects, and a sense of being lost. As a person who always looks at all things positively, RJ searches for a direction. Having zero knowledge, less money, but filled with a positive attitude, RJ begins a quest for knowledge during the construction of his new Website and business.

RJ is sitting one day in front of his computer; the wife suggests that He find a way to generate an income “from that computer.” From this request, RJ learns, for the first time, of the Internet “success guru” and ultimately affiliate marketing. Having just spent a couple of years devoted to a sales environment that was initially distasteful, this new possibility gives him the same feeling of the “hip, slick, cool” salesmen attitude he dislikes. However, realizing that every product on Earth is sold or there is no income for anyone, RJ found a way to be honest, give great deals to customers, and satisfy the management. So, rather than adopting the brutal marketing methods of the “guru” mentality, RJ set out to create a shopping venue for the traveler.

The Website finally at a point that he could feel proud of his work, RJ seeks customers after 11 months of painstaking effort. The problem of finance remains an impediment of growth, now translating to a lack of visitors. Once again having to get creative, RJ set forth to the social networks. During this new thirst of knowledge, Blog posting and article writing reveal themselves useful. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are but a small number of the large volume of previously unknown social networks. A presence is beginning, but at the same time, something is happening of which RJ is not aware.

Two weeks before the one-year anniversary of the venture, RJ discovers long awaited news. The efforts and applications of the building of a well-structured site have found reward. RJ finds that the site is indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Not only is it in the index, it is in large numbers and has respected page positions for the target keywords. With 83 of 105 published pages on, 56 on, and 13 on (?) traffic begins to flow and RJ is not paying for it! Broke, disgusted, and a helpless feeling a year earlier a new hope has arisen. Small financial rewards, sure… Nevertheless, the over all effort was not futile.

The site is still growing. Still, much work needs to be done. But the thing is it can and will be a success. RJ has had to go the extra mile time after time. Throw his hands up in frustration, walk away to gather himself, and force himself to sit back down and continue… repeatedly. It is what it takes to grow. Tenacity, perseverance, and optimism are the ultimate keys.

While still in formative stages the site is functional. RJ thanks you for the moment of your time as you have read this. It has been a year of growth and extensive learning for RJ and I leave you with his motto, “Make an informed decision and travel wise.”