Understanding Baby Food

Baby food for your baby is very important. Food for the baby that refuses to let you rest even for a minute. The baby, that even at its most stubborn, never fails to make you smile. Babies are special. So their food should be as well. According to Who, it is ideal to breastfeed your baby for six months before introducing them to baby food. Baby foods are anything which a infant is fed, apart from mother’s milk and infant formula. It can be anything, from the traditional paste of a grain and a liquid to mashed normal regular food of the family. Baby food is different in different countries and has a long history. In Europe the traditional food are bland cereals which evolve to mashed foods and vegetables.

Mashed fruit and oatmeal find pride of place in Sweden. African children often have maize porridge as their first solid food. In several regions, the first solid food fed to babies often is associated with religious ceremonies. Take for example a Hindu child.

The first solid food fed to this child is rice pudding in a special ceremony called Annaprasana. The religious context is held through Thailand, Vietnam and parts of India. Iron fortified infant cereal is the first food provided in Canada. Meat is also sometimes introduced within this period of time. Baby food thus varies in various countries, but at the end of the day, each parent tries to deliver to the baby a safe and nutritious food for their well-being. Infants are precious. Keep them safe. Babies have always been the most precious forms of life in the world and it is important that we take care of them. According to WHO, a baby should be breastfed by the mother for 6 months. Baby foods vary with country and culture.